Metal Venetian Blinds

The classic metal venetian blind style allows you to adjust lighting levels instantly by altering the angle of slat. The aluminium version gives a more contemporary look bringing an uncluttered, clean feel to any room.

These versatile venetian blinds are suited to any type of home.  Keep things simple and discreet with a neutral shade that fades into the background, or alternatively brighten a room up with a loud coloured metallic option.

Metal venetian blinds come in over 100 different colours to choose from combined with textured, soft tone, perforated and pearlescent looks. Wood-tone benefit from the natural look of wood while standing up to the splashes and humidity found in kitchens and bathrooms.

Perfect Fit and InTU metal venetian blinds are also available, which don’t require drilling or screwing. These blinds sit within their own frame that clicks neatly into a bracket system between the beading and glass of the window, making them great for Conservatory blinds or for uPVC windows and doors.